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Benefits of having a Nail Trainer hand:
spacerNever search for hand models
spacerCreate nail extensions faster
spacerAchieve a higher skill level
spacerService more clients per day
spacerPractice with pride
spacerDo durable, long-lasting nails
A Nail Trainer hand will also help you:

spacerEliminate mistakes on nails

spacerBuild self confidence
spacerSpeed the learning process
spacerCreate nail extensions faster
spacerImprove application techniques
spacerIncrease your skill level
spacerImprove customer satisfaction
spacerEnjoy a more loyal client base
Use your own nail products to master your skills on Nail Trainer:
spacerAcrylic Tip/Overlay Nails
spacerAcrylic Sculpted Nails
spacerGel Tip/Overlay Nails
spacerFiberglass/Silk Wrap Nails
spacerMaintainance/Fills/Repair Nails
spacerAirbrushed Nails
spacerNail Art Nails
Eliminate nail problems such as:
spacerSearching for hand models
spacerEmotional frustration
spacerFinding time to improve skills
spacerRepeated application mistakes
spacerInconsistent results
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"The Nail Trainer has been a valuable addition to my curriculum. I am able to teach the students in a week what usually took me over a month to accomplish!"
Jan Elledge, Instructor of Manicuring Technology, TVC College, Texas

"Having a Nail Trainer training hand available at all times of the day really made it easy and quick to improve my techniques! If you're a newbie, you will be glad you have it."
Malissa, nail student in New York

"We have found categorically that the students progress further and faster when they use the Nail Trainer ... and that is what it is all about isn't it? By the way ... don't sell it! You can always use it to practice nail art and polishing techniques as well as using it to display the 'product of the month' in your salon!! It certainly gets noticed and talked about."
Gigi Rouse, Creative Nail Academy, United Kingdom

"Practice makes perfect"... so if you're serious about building a profitable nail career, get yourself a Nail Trainer hand!

Pictured here is the Nail Trainer BASIC kit... one of the MANY nail training kits on offer.

This video proves WHY Nail Trainer is the PERFECT hand model: 

Watch this FREE Nail Training online video movie.

Learn how to do nail extensions -or- improve your nail techniques FAST.

With the Nail Trainer hand as the centerpiece of your training program, you embark upon the fastest route to becoming a highly-skilled nail technician. By practicing on the Nail Trainer, you will eliminate the biggest obstacle –- finding enough willing hand models to practise on.  Nail Trainer lets you practice your nail skills whenever you want, for as long as you want!
Virtually any nail service performed on a
human can be performed on a Nail Trainer™ nail training hand.

A "How to maximize your use of the Nail Trainer hand" demonstration DVD in English, Spanish, German and French is included in every
Nail Trainer hand kit.


In any nail training courses or classes,
Nail Trainer hands enable students to master their nail course skills
70% FASTER...

Step-by-step acrylic nail extension application using the Nail Trainer nail training hand.